Chocolate Covered Trucking Can Help with your Project

Chocolate Covered Trucking Can Help with your Project

Ask about our sand hauling services in Greeley & Denver, CO

Do you have all the materials you need for your upcoming project? If you need sand, rock, or other related materials turn to Chocolate Covered Trucking. Our Greeley, Colorado company provides sand hauling services.

Contact us today to learn more about our Greeley and Denver, CO sand hauling service.

How can we help?

Chocolate covered trucking is a diversified company that is hauling sand to frack sites to assist in the oil production in Weld County, CO. Ask how Chocolate Covered Trucking can assist in moving additional materials for projects unrelated to the oil industry as well. We provide sand hauling services for:

  • City officials who want to pave new roads
  • Builders constructing new properties
  • Industrial workers dealing with oil fills
  • Homeowners installing above-ground pools

Our drivers will plan the most efficient route for your delivery so you can get your sand ASAP. Call 970-392-1866 now to schedule sand hauling for your residential, commercial or industrial project.